These ads were designed to be used worldwide. The headlines stayed in English, and had to be simple enough to be understood by non-native speakers, while the copy was translated into the local language. This ad, shot by Will Mosgrove, demonstrates the flexibility of cordless peripherals.
We shot this one with Mark Gamba on a choppy Pacific Ocean. Definitely the most adventurous shoot I've art directed.
Headline-driven banner ads helped build the brand online, and drove early adopters to the company website. This execution demonstrates how Logitech's cordless products can put an end to slouching over one's desk.
Logitech's gaming accessories give players an unfair advantage. Many an unaware opponent has been crushed with impunity as a consequence. Our production artist was the ideal model for the shoot. He even supplied his own wardrobe.
This OOH campaign took advantage of different types of media to demonstrate the cordless benefit of Logitech products. Brand awareness and sales increased significantly in cities where it ran.
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